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Streamline Device Management with Sri Komputer Support

Managing a multitude of devices has never been more effortless. Sri Komputer Support empowers you to optimize your network and infrastructure with ease.

We guarantee the best technical support for your devices, ensuring proper maintenance for your digital facilities throughout our service. Besides, we provide on-demand. IT support services that help your day-to-day operations run smoothly. 

Our IT support service-based incidents prioritize and could be easily custom-built according to your requirements.

Consulting Services

Sri Komputer IT’s vast experience comes from strategizing and bringing end-to-end IT infrastructure to a diverse range of corporations, governments, SMEs, and large multi-branch enterprises.

We have a proven track record in implementing scalable and tailored IT solutions in the city hall, hospitality, education, retail, shopping mall, food and beverage, and financial services. We offer a complete project lifecycle planning and management that provides an insightful and analytic approach to fulfilling client needs. 

We can perform research and tailor solutions for IT products and service requirements. Throughout the development, we can provide Web-based live reports for clients of project progress and status. Properly conducted the Documented User Acceptance Tests (UAT) to focus on on-time project delivery and improving business outcomes.

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